For You on My 22nd Birthday

Before you ask…yes. I am feeling 22. Yes, that song has been stuck in my head all morning. 
I can’t say for sure what being 22 feels like…yet. I’ve only been 22 for about 10 out of 8,760 hours. I have a hunch that it will feel pretty amazing, and that some awesome things are in store for me this year! 
As I sat outside this morning, ready to reflect on the past 8,760 hours of my life, I received a text from one of my very best friends that caused me to switch gears.
After saying happy birthday to me, she said, “Hey Christine I’m so happy that you were born on this day!” 
I’m sure she didn’t intend for me to take a life lesson away from that, but I like to consider myself a “deep” person and sometimes I just can’t help but turn a small sentence into something it was never supposed to be (not that that’s a bad thing!). So there I sat, taking in the significance of those words. 
I was born on THIS day 22 years ago, and I know that was far from an accident. 
I started to think about not just myself and the significance of my birth, but about all of us—about you. I’ve taken some time to gather my thoughts, and I would like to share them! Also I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet because my cousins are currently twiddling their thumbs waiting for me to go join them for a girls day of shopping! 
You—yes, I’m talking to you—were born at a specific time, in a very specific place, for a very specific purpose. No matter what the circumstances surrounding your birth might be, it was timed perfectly by the Creator of the universe. Before your parents even thought about you, and before their parents even thought about them, and before their parents even thought about them, and before the beginning of time, God saw you, loved you, and knew you! 
He purposed to put you on this planet at exactly the second that He did because you have a purpose. Wherever you are, whoever you are, God put you here because you are meant to do something amazing right now. If you were born six months earlier or a day later, you wouldn’t be you. There are hundreds of lives that would be completely different if you weren’t born when you were, or if you weren’t born at all. 
In the grand scheme of things, it seems that our lives are so teeny tiny and perhaps make no difference on this universe. There is nothing further from the truth. Think about how perfectly, ABSOLUTELY perfectly, all the things on this planet…no, in the universe, have to line up in order for an event to take place. God lines all of those things up perfectly and He sees the bigger picture. The “bigger picture” of life wouldn’t be the same without you! It needs you
I was born on November 11th, 1993 at 7:56 AM (I think that’s right) because, well…that was my time. Every moment—every second of my life—stems from that second of that minute of that day of that year. The same goes for your birthday (and birth minute and birth second). Every moment counts because you were born for them! All the lives of the people you know rely on you in one way or another. Their lives—this planet—wouldn’t be the same without YOUR life! Isn’t that insane?
You were born for today, and tomorrow, and every day to come. So I just want to encourage you this morning to embrace the person you are. Don’t be afraid to go after what you were created to be. None of it is an accident! Everything you do had a domino effect on the people around you. 
This is a lot to think about, but I think it should motivate us to take advantage of every day, every minute, and to purpose to use our time exactly for what God created us to use it for. It’s overwhelming but I think it’s also exciting to know that our lives matter and impact this world significantly! 
“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” -Psalms‬ ‭139:16‬ 


1 thought on “For You on My 22nd Birthday

  1. jmbmsed

    Happy Birthday Chrissy. You’re 100% correct. God has placed you in this here and now and you have been a blessing to others. God bless you on this and every day.
    Love Aunt Joanie


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